What is WonderRigor™️?

The WonderRigor™️ method was created by Dr. Natalie Nixon, PhD. It is the key tool that helps unlock the creativity that we need to be our most innovative.


  • Daydreaming
  • Asking "what-if?" questions
  • Pausing


  • Attention to detail
  • Discipline
  • Incessant practice

WonderRigor™️ Lab Full Course



  • 14 Video Lessons
  • Templetes
  • Worksheets
  • Scripts
  • An Actionable Creativity Road Map
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WonderRigor™️ Lab Master Class


Days of uncertainty require foresight the need for Creativity Quotient Mindset. It's an opportunity to apply more Wonder and more Rigor for transformative results.

Learn the value of the pause as it relates to creativity.

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Meet the Creator & Facilitator of WonderRigor™️


Creativity strategist Natalie Nixon is “the creativity whisperer for the C-Suite”. She is a highly sought after keynote speaker, valued for her accessible expertise on creativity, the future of work and innovation.

She brings an innovative and unique perspective to every keynote, strategic advisory engagement, and leadership coaching session. Her experience living in 5 countries combined with her background in anthropology, fashion, academia, and dance distinguish her as a one-of-a-kind creativity expert.




DIY efforts (for example, conferences or webinars) can fall short when it’s only self-guided. You identify milestones to make measurable change.


It’s hard to see the forest for the trees. You will disrupt old patterns through my fresh eyed questions to move forward. Shift your mental model and distill your personal brand strategy.


Learn actionable frameworks to incorporate into your own personal toolbox. As a result, incrementally jumpstart and transform your life and your business.

Creativity is the source of all innovation, but how can we cultivate it? I define creativity as our ability to toggle between wonder & rigor to solve problems and produce novel value. I draw on my background in business and the arts to show how we can unlock our innate creativity to produce breakthrough products and services.

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